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Hotel Route 42

At Hotel Route 42 we care about your safety and want to guarantee a pleasant stay. This is why we have designed some protocols and actions to follow against Covid-19. All over the establishment you will find signs with the safety distance and measures for extreme hygiene and cleanliness.
All the disinfectant and cleaning products the hotel uses comply with the safety requirements.

Those travellers coming from abroad should fill in a form at the following address:


- As soon as you get inside the hotel you will find a

disinfectant mat

. In addition, the car park service will try to avoid the manipulation of the clients’ vehicle.

- From the reception department we inform our clients about the restraints that affect them directly.

The use of mask is mandatory throughout the establishment

; on arrival we will measure the temperature of our clients with a non-contact thermometer.

- We use protective screens at the reception to make the check-in and check-out to be safer.

- We recommend the

payment by card

and we disinfect the area and the POS after use.

- The room cards are deposited in a container for later disinfection.

- The person in charge of the room service will wear gloves, mask and keep a safe distance.

- When the room is clean, it will be ventilated for air renewal. The aeration will be made in a specific form and the replacement of towels and bed linen are also contemplated.

- The removal of wastes will be agreed with the client and the disposal of any bin that is not pedal operated will be taken off.

- The blankets and pillows are protected and the hair dryers and hangers will be disinfected.

- Minibar service is minimised. The water service is free of charge.


- The capacity of the common areas has been reduced.

- The cleaning and disinfection of all the areas of the hotel and furniture has been increased with special attention.

- We have a hydro-alcoholic solution in different places of passage, and the use of the lift cannot be shared with people from different family units even if the mask is used.

- Daily ventilation will be realized in the areas of common use where there is client traffic.

- The common toilets have a dispenser for drying paper, a hand dryer and an automatic, non-manual waste bin.

- The gymnasium will have an occupation limited to a maximum of 2 people. After the use, it will be cleaned and disinfected, so there will be intervals of 30 minutes between uses.

- In the restaurant and catering services, we reduce the intervention of the client and, in case of high demand of the service, we will organize a system of shifts. The buffet will implement the assisted service formula and the mono-doses.


- In the event of a suspected case of Covid-19, the hotel is required to inform the health authority.

- If a client refuses to collaborate and follow the health instructions, we will be forced to invite him to leave our facilities and if necessary we will call the National Police.

- If a confirmed case of Covid-19 is discovered, the health authorities will be notified and we will bring the case to the attention of all hotel staff that may have relationship with the patient.

- Regarding the sick client, data will be protected using a pseudonym and information will never be provided to third parties. The actual cleaning protocols designed by the health authority will be followed in any case: room cleaning, isolation and delivery of clean clothes and food.